Your home office away from home

Wish you could work on your business or study without being interrupted or having to wait for the kids to go to bed?
Do you have bills to pay, a party to plan or maybe a wedding coming up?

Playdesk is your solution. We offer a work space for you to BYO your home office with an onsite creche.

Come work & connect with other parents, while your kids are playing, learning & growing together

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Playdesk is a brilliant concept for those mums trying to build a business from home but also juggling kids and household chores. A space away from home, where the kids are safe, being watched and have others to play with will mean mum’s working on their business can have time to be productive,” Amy Beaman, The Natural Wellbeing Company 

Michelle Smith, founder of Start up Mum says ‘With the rising costs of childcare and a greater need for work flexibility, women are launching their own businesses and redefining the way women work today. Playdesk allows parents, particularly Mums to gain access to the supportive nature of a co working space while having a viable option for childcare.’


Co Working space with an onsite creche